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Do you live, do you die, do you bleed, for the fantasy...

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Title: Switch
Author: NiceIceEdward
Character’s/Pairing: Jasper/Bella, Edward/Alice, Mike/Jessica
Rating: G
Category: Drama
Spoilers:  Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse
Summary:  AU, off shoot from Eclipse, BD never happened, so no spoilers.  This is a story from other points of view.  The Cullen’s experience an odd mystery and the change is noticed by Mike Newton.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, all the creative genius of Stephenie Meyer


**A/N:  This is just a weird little story born of boredom.  I’m not sure if it’s interesting enough to continue or if I should just let it die a quiet death (e.g. keep it a one shot). XD Let me know what you think!**



It was strange you know.  No one could explain it.  I mean, the fact is that everything about that family was strange, had been since they’d arrived. 

The speculation was pretty funny at first, until it became clear that all the crazy ideas everyone joked about were true.  The blonde queen was with Mr. Universe, Little Miss Muffatt (who was a lot scarier than the spider who sat beside her, with his messy blonde hair) had Blondie’s brother,

Then there was the really strange one; he was all right, I guess.  Quiet, never got in anyone’s way.  Perfect student, and I admit I always resented that.  If they hadn’t been so extraordinary looking in the first place, he might have even been able to blend in for most people.  Not me though, I never trusted him. 

It was basely obvious when Jessica developed a crush on him.  I love the girl, I’d had a bit of a thing for her since 5th grade, and so I knew her as well as anyone.  Still, even those who didn’t know her would have been aware of her stupid behavior when she discovered Edward Cullen.  She was furious that he showed no interest in her.  He was so lonely all the time, so solitary.  I figured he must have loved someone pretty strongly to always seem so gruff.  He’d probably had to leave her behind. 

This was just a guess on my part.  I just couldn’t imagine anything else making someone seem so…miserable. Unless he’d been in some really awful foster homes before the Cullen’s had adopted him.  That was another thing - even their Father, Dr. Cullen was strange. Oh he was definitely the coolest doctor in the hospital.  He’d set my arm when I broke it the year before and was very nice.  Still, he was strange.  No doubt about it, the Cullen’s were odd.

When Chief Swan’s daughter came, it never occurred to me that she might show interest in one of them.  I’d seen Bella before of course, she visited her Dad when she was a kid, and I’d seen her at the park with him.  That was an interest I kept quiet.  I knew she only visited for a few weeks in the summer, and she was never very pleased about it.  She’d stopped a few years before though, grown tired of the back and forth state of her life I figured.  I couldn’t imagine my parents being split.  I had it easy.

So when Edward Cullen started talking to Bella Swan, it was a surprise to me, because that was beyond strange.  Being around the two of them was stranger still, because even when they were sitting apart from each other, it was like they were linked somehow. I don’t know, maybe I was just really stressed that year.  I do I remember thinking Bella was in danger, because they were so close.  I worried for her.  I was so worried about Bella, I nearly forgot about Jessica.  Of course, time passes and things changed.  Jessica came back into my world, and I focused on her.  Tuning out the Cullen’s, Angela and Ben, and pretty much everything else that went on.

The school year bled into the summer, school started up again, and then things reached an epic strangeness.  One day the Cullen’s split town.  There wasn’t any warning; I even heard things at the hospital were screwed up for a few days because Dr. Cullen had kept it quiet. 

The day they disappeared, Bella disappeared too.  Chief Swan had everyone out in the forest searching for her.  Of course no one knew that the Cullen’s had gone at the time.  We didn’t learn about it until the following day.  But anyone who didn’t put Bella’s disappearance together with Cullen’s’ is an idiot in my book.  Because from the moment they left, Bella Swan faded away. 

One day she was fine, just her usual quirky, accident-prone self, then she was like an X-file.  “The girl who wasn’t really there.”  I tried to talk to her at first, but t bugged me to be around her, I know it’s a crappy thing to say, but it’s the truth.  I stayed away from her that year; I just knew I couldn’t be around her.  She didn’t bring me down; there wasn’t any power drain, it was more like she was a blank spot. 

Jessica once told me that being around Bella felt like walking across sidewalks for her. She said, “You unconsciously steer clear of the cracks, because subconsciously you recognize the void.  That’s Bella, she’s like that void you want to keep away from.”  It was a rare moment of clarity for Jess.  Of course, Bella did crack occasionally, and she would suddenly become visible, but somehow that was worse. 

A couple of people in class were talking about a film one day, and one of them imitated one of the characters, saying “Edward, you’re a fool.”  It was just a quote. I was watching them from the other side of Bella, laughing at them, so I saw Bella’s response.  She reacted like someone had stabbed her.  Then she started to hyperventilate, and she wrapped her arms around herself and slowly disappeared again.   She sat right there in front of me, perfectly visible, but fading into the pain again.

Then toward the end of that year, around the same time that the space Bella had vacated started showing signs of filling back up a little, she disappeared.  For three days she was just gone.  When she came back, it was with the Cullen’s. 

The strangeness between Bella and Edward Cullen returned.  It carried into the next school year.  It was so weird, because Bella and Edward acted like he’d never disappeared.  It was like the previous school year had never happened.

The only thing that showed that something had changed for Bella was the Quileute kid who came to the school that one day.  She called him Jake, and he was big. No, not even big, he was huge.  I’ve never seen anyone that big, and I was pretty certain he was younger than I am, because he’d been at one of the La Push beach parties with us. 

He and Cullen faced off in the parking lot and the way they were looking at each other, oh man, I thought it was going to be like the Magnificent Seven or something. Me, Tyler, Ben and Austin even bet against each other over it, but  I should have known better, Cullen never did anything wrong on school grounds.  We kept hoping the Indian would come back, he never did when Cullen was around, hijacked Bella right out of the parking lot once.  Little Miss Muffatt stood in the parking lot for 5 full minutes still as stone, and furious when that happened.  I thought she was going to explode.

Anyway, the point is, nothing changed with that group, I mean minus Bella, and the disappearance.  Each person had his or her partner, and there wasn’t anything strange about it.  So when they walked into the store I didn’t notice anything wrong…at first.

I glanced up, and there was Blondie, walking in with the hulk, nothing strange there, I started to look back down at the magazine I was leafing through, until I noticed who was coming in next.  It was Little Miss Muffatt and Edward Cullen, and they were holding hands!  After they came in, I saw that Blondie’s twin was holding Bella’s hand. I have to admit I did a triple take and gasped.  I remember thinking hard to try to remember his name.  Jasper, like blondie he was Hale…Jasper Hale. The sister’s name I remember is Rosalie.  The hulk is Emmett Cullen, and Little Miss Muffat is Alice Cullen.

They came in to get gear for hiking.  The Cullen’s had always been good customers, they always bought the newest and best gear.

None of them seemed to be bothered by the change. It was like they’d decided to trade off.  But when they spoke, it was like it hadn’t ever been any other way.  I couldn’t figure it out.  It was so…. strange.  Now suddenly Bella and Jasper were the ones with the link.  Everything around the Cullen family had always been pretty weird, but this was extreme.

Eventually I saw Bella walk off to look at some jackets alone.  Alice was with her at first, so I waited, but as soon as Alice was distracted I walked over to her. 

“Hi Bella.”  She looked up at me.

“Hey Mike.” She replied.

I frowned, not sure how to ask.  Not sure it was right to.

“Bella?”  She smiled and looked at me, waiting, “Did something happen between you and Edward?” 

She shot a look at Cullen, frowning, then looked back at me.  “What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, you two have been joined at the hip for ages, and now you’re suddenly in here with Jasper Hale.  I was just wondering what was going on.”  Bella looked floored.

“What are you talking about Mike, you know I’ve always been with Jasper.  He took me to the Junior Prom remember.”

“No, Bella, you came to the Junior Prom with Edward Cullen, not Jasper.” Bella scowled at me, then her face went kind of blank.  She raised an eyebrow and grinned. 

“Don’t be ridiculous Mike, and quit playing games.  Next you’ll be telling me that you’re dating Angela Webber.” And she giggled.  She had a beautiful laugh.

I’d been whispering up to this point, but she was being annoying, so my voice rose a little, “Bella, we’re talking about your dating habits right now.  You’ve always been with Edward, so why the sudden switcheroo?” She tensed as I was talking, but as I finished saying this, Jasper was suddenly standing next to Bella, his left arm curled protectively around her waist and her hand held in his right hand.  The moment he touched her she relaxed.

“Are you okay Bella?” he asked, concern all over his face.

Bella leaned into him, and tilted her head against his chest. “I’m fine, Mike’s just being strange.”

I gaped, “I am not Bella!  I was just…” suddenly I didn’t much care what the deal was.   Jasper was looking at me like I was a jerk, and Bella was nuzzling his neck.  It always irritated me to see her with Edward, but somehow this was even worse.



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Oh, this is an interesting one. I'd love to see you continue it!



Okay...What?! Lol Just give me a sec..

It was nice to get it from Mikes Pov, you know all the whole when the Cullens went away and also his nicknames for the Cullens, they made me laugh.

But. Seriously. I need to get over the shock. I should of really check the pairings shouldn't I? And the title : switch, I should of really seen that coming.. But I didnt.. Completely took me by surprise.

DONT YOU DARE END IT THERE! If this is going to be just a One Shot I will actually hunt you done, kay?!

Lol You have skill. Amazing talent. Every thing you right is Vamptastic ((Sorry.. I just had to! lol))

Okay.. So please dont leave this as a fanfiction lol! I will come and get you otherwise! =] =] ((Love you really! =D ))

You will be glad to know I am finishing this comment now!! ((Don't hesitate to update - Oooh! I made a rhyme! lol))


This story is fantastic. I really want to know what coming next because the sudden switch is completely unexpected.

“You unconsciously steer clear of the cracks, because subconsciously you recognize the void. That’s Bella, she’s like that void you want to keep away from.”

Great line.

nice! looking forward to the rest!

Thanks, it'll be there, promise. :)

PLEASE CONTINUE! this was great! *bounces impatiently in seat*

It's coming. :) I'm having fun with it! Thanks!

No, seriously, they're just playing a trick on Mike, right?
Because Jasper/Bella is, in fact, my guilty pleasure. (:

Totally awesome. You are continuing this, aren't you? Because the Outside POV + Jasper/Bella + Amnesia? ALL MY KINKS. ♥

Yes, I am. In fact I've been working on it today.

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like it.

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