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Do you live, do you die, do you bleed, for the fantasy...

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Title: Switch
Author: NiceIceEdward
Character’s/Pairing: Jasper/Bella, Edward/Alice, Carlisle/Esme, Emmett, Rosalie
Rating: G
Category: Drama
Spoilers:  Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse
Summary:  AU, off shoot from Eclipse, BD never happened, so no spoilers.  This is a story from other points of view.  The Cullen’s experience an odd mystery and the change is noticed, this time by Carlisle.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, all the creative genius of Stephenie Meyer



Doctor’s Notes


I am unable to account for the behavior of my youngest family members’.  I have watched them with ever-growing concern recently and still cannot determine what may have triggered such unusual behavior in them.

It began the morning after Bella learned Edward had sent Jacob an invitation to the wedding.  I had warned Edward not to go against Bella’s wishes, but things he perceives as flaws in Bella’s judgement often overly concern him.   One of my son’s more foolish characteristics is his certainty that he better comprehends what is in other’s best interest than they do themselves.  I have often marked some degree of irritation in Bella when she recognizes him acting on this impulse, so I was unsurprised to find that Bella was indeed, upset with Edward.  As is his nature, Edward was mortified at his own arrogance, and consequently became angry with himself. 

Bella naturally assumed Edward was angry with her, and the evening grew awkward and uncomfortable for us all.

Eventually Bella and Edward went upstairs.  As Bella is still human, she still needs rest each night, and Edward always accompanies her.  Sometime after they had gone, I became aware that everything in the house was unnaturally quiet.  The family was home, but no one made noise, excepting only Esme and myself, as we were in my study going over some legal documents.  I remarked on it to Esme, she smiled and said it was because all was right, and her children were peaceful.

At approximately midnight, Bella screamed.  Bella frequently has nightmares when Edward is away hunting, but I don’t recall her ever having one when he was home. In itself, this would have made the scream unusual, but it was further accented by the manner in which Bella screamed. 

I have had to bear some truly unendurable screams over the years, working in the business I’ve chosen for myself.  However, I’m quite sure nothing had paralleled this scream since the days of the American Civil War, a time when men became amputees without benefit of even laudanum to ease their pain.

I was about to knock on Edward’s door when I heard another scream from Bella.  It came from Jasper and Alice’s room.  I had, heaven knows how many ill considerations pass through my mind at that moment, but did my best to discourage them from the front of my mind, lest Edward should pick something up.

I knocked on Jasper’s door, and upon invitation, entered.  Jasper lay on the bed with his right arm tenderly wrapped around Bella’s shoulders, his left arm caressing her face as he smoothed away the tears on her cheeks, and he spoke in hushed, soothing tones in an effort to calm her.  Bella’s head was tucked below Jasper’s chin, and her arms were similarly wrapped around Jasper.  I found myself so greatly stunned by them that I forgot Bella had just been screaming. 

Jasper looked at me for a moment, expecting the question he correctly assumed I’d come in with.  He was likely confused by my expression, and I’ve no doubt the emotions of turmoil eminating from me. 

“Bella is fine Carlisle, she had a nightmare.  I’ve calmed her again though, and she’s content.” He looked at her then, and it was so open an expression of loving concern I felt doubly thunderstruck.  I had seen Edward look at Bella in that way, but never Jasper.  Jasper continued to Bella, “Are you all right love?”

Bella nodded tenderly at Jasper, then looked at me apologetically, “I’m fine Carlisle, I’m sorry you came all the way up here.  I don’t know what happened, I’ve never had nightmares when Jasper’s been home before.  It surprised me.  I usually only have that problem when Jasper’s hunting.”

I was still in a state of disbelief, but apparently I registered something, because I looked at Jasper, “Where’s Edward?”

Jasper pulled his eyes from Bella as though it injured him to do so, and responded, “I imagine in his room with Alice, as usual.”  In my shock, I believe I did something I have no recollection of ever doing prior to that moment.  I felt my jaw drop in surprise. 

“She’s fine Carlisle, I’m going to soothe her back to sleep now.  We’ll…see you in the morning.” Jasper gave me what I can only describe as a very dismissive look.  I pulled the door closed and walked back down the hall.  I stopped at the top of the stairs and returned to stand outside of Edward’s room.  I could hear Alice and Edward talking inside.  As I vacillated as to what I ought to do, they realized I was there.  I heard Edward’s footsteps coming to the door.  I thought, It’s all right Edward, you needn’t come to the door.  Yet, as I turned away, the door opened and there stood Edward.  He looked at me surprised, “Carlisle?”

“Did you not hear my thoughts, telling you that you didn’t need to come to the door?”  He frowned, and then realizing what I meant opened his eyes wide and said bewilderedly, “No, I didn’t!”

Perhaps you need to hunt Edward, it’s very unlike you to have any trouble hearing me.”  He nodded.

“There’s nothing you need Carlisle?”  His words reminded me what I had come to his door to listen for, and I leaned a little sideways.  Alice saw me and waved at me from the couch, working on the shoe in her hand.  It was a white shoe, and she was adding white ribbons to it.  She noticed me looking at it, and holding it up in emphasis said, “They’re for Bella and Jasper’s wedding.  I’m just getting prepared early.”

Yet another moment of complete disbelief followed this, and I stood staring until Edward looked at me, a confused expression on his face.

“If that’s everything, Carlisle…” he queried uncertainly.

I shook myself out of my reverie, “Yes, Yes, I’m sorry Edward. It was nothing.  Good evening.” I turned and strode down the hall, and the stairs.  I returned quickly to my study, Esme stood behind my desk, the small lampshade on my desk casting a halo around her face.  I was feeling so entirely out of my element, that for a moment, I thought she looked like the angel I needed to quell my confusion. 

She must have recognized something in my face, because she was by my side a moment later. Her sweet and gentle hand on my
arm, “What is it Carlisle, is something the matter?”

I patted her hand softly, “No, well, it’s just that…” this was a rare incoherent moment for me, which increased Esmes’ anxiety. 

“Carlisle, what is it?” She asked me, alarm beginning to touch her voice.

I smiled reassuringly at her, “It’s nothing my sweet.  Only, I just found Bella in Jasper’s bed in Jasper and Alice’s room, and Alice and Edward are in Bella and Edward’s room.  Everyone apparently has switched.” I watched her to see her reaction.

Esme smiled condescendingly at me, “Is that all?  Well, I’m sure they’re only playing tricks on you.  They are mischievous you know.”

I smiled, agreeing with her.  I hoped, more than believed her to be right.

The following morning, Edward came down with Alice, he seemed distraught and annoyed.  Alice was complaining that she wasn’t able to see anything and hadn’t been able to half the night, which disturbed her greatly.  It was rare for Alice to complain, I remember being somewhat concerned, and admittedly I did not think much of it. 

Not until Jasper floated down the stairs holding Bella in his encompassing arms, did I begin to give due consideration to this strange development.  I watched Edward around Bella and Jasper, expecting some sort of tirade.  Edward has never kept his temper well.  Despite Jasper showing open affection, and being pointedly physical in his amorous administrations with Bella, to my astonishment, Edward registered nothing except pleasure.  I looked to see if Esme was seeing what I saw, and could tell by her expression that she was as astounded as I was.

Rosalie and Emmett descended then.  I had somehow hoped they would be as shocked and surprised as Esme and I were, but they were entirely nonplussed by the current turn of events, and even acted as though things were as they had always been.

Esme and I have both made delicate inquiries of the children, to see if this is a game of some sort, but all appear to be truly genuine in their belief that nothing has changed, and their feelings of one another. 

I can give no medical or scientific explanation of this situation.  Esme is as equally mystified as I am.  My distress over these developments is affecting me.  My work has not been anywhere near it’s normal level of accomplishment.  I am still naturally experienced far beyond my colleagues, which has been my saving grace, but I am plagued by such apprehension over events that I fear some sort of drastic action may be necessary. 

The date of Edward and Bella’s wedding is approaching, this strange state has continued on for several weeks now.  Esme agrees that as soon as I come up with something in the way of a plan of action, we should enforce it immediately.  It was Esme's idea...I think someday it will be important.  We've taken photos.  We took a photo of Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Alice, Jasper and Bella today.  If this situation ever turns around, this photograph could be a key to help unlock the door on the mystery.

I will admit that at the moment, I’ve had absolutely no inspiration as to how to treat this dilemma.  I’m skeptical that anything can be done.



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You did it! The perfect Carlisle! =) It was good to see the situation from his POV. I have to admit, when I first read Mike's, I thought they might actually be pulling a prank on him. But I can't imagine Edward would let the prank go this far. I am really curious what's going on here ^^

And of course, sickeningly jealous of Bella xD

Btw, is the next chapter from someone else's POV again? If it is, you should really consider writing another story from Carlisle's POV. I may not be in love with him like I am with your Jasper, but I like your Carlisle, he's very true to the books ^^

"And of course, sickeningly jealous of Bella xD"

Hehehe, you and me both!

I'd push her right on the floor if I could, and climb in. *sigh* LOL

This is incredibly intriguing. And Edward didn't hear Carlisle... Interesting!

Who will the next chapter be written by? Jacob's POV? hehe!

Possibly, I'm still throwing ideas around. I'm so pleased you're enjoying it & thank you for reading & commenting. It keeps my creative flow moving. =)

*hyperventilation* You.. Wha? Huh?!?!
Okay.. If Carlisle is incoherent, then I would hate to think what state I am in!!
In the first chapter, I was worried something had happened to the whole family..but now Carlisle and Esme have noticed, and havent got a clue what to do! Even Rosalie and Emmett havent noticed the changed! cor.. My head hurts! lol
I am also intrigued by the whole, Alice not having her visions, and Edward not hearing Carlisle's thoughts o_o
Woah! Brain ache! >_< Oooh does that mean Jasper will loose his powers?? And is Bella now Jaspers singer? O_O
Okay... seriously! Get your ass in gear and get another chapter up! lol ((only kidding! You actually do the chapters realyl quickly!))
Dont hesitate to update << My lil rhyme! =D
Love you and your fanfiction!! =] =D =]
Signed Princess Hayley =D

LOL! As always your comments make me laugh! You're so enthusiastic. Thank you!

Things have certainly taken a bizarre turn, haven't they? The story is getting away from me.

Lol that is good! I am here to entertain! =D
I just wish I could spell in my comments! Maybe next time I should re-read them before I post! =S
They have...The story is running away, before you know it, the story will control you! ((It already controls me!))

You've got me really interested in this story now.

Also, I like the style of writing you're using now. Very good.

Also, do you want to affiliate with jasperbella?

ooo interesting! keep up the good work!

I didn't expect that the other characters- and not just Mike- would be like WTF? But Carlisle and Esme confused too, this is intriguing!!

Well, there you go. You sure know how to make me spazz (;

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