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Do you live, do you die, do you bleed, for the fantasy...

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In Jasper's Care - Chapter I
IJC Cover

In Jasper's Care

A joint Jasper/Bella ship AU fanfiction venture

By Elisabeth_l  and NiceIceEdward



Chapter I

To Two Divide


The wedding was mere weeks away.  Everyone in Edward's family was assigned different tasks to handle, by Alice the wedding warrior.  Edward told me in private that he'd never seen Alice so fierce when planning anything before. 


Initially there were frequent moments when Alice would get caught up taking care of something, and after completing whichever random assignment Alice had given them, the family would wander one by one into the front room of the house and end up sitting down.  Me, because I was usually exhausted; and Edward in order to be near me.  He'd sit on the couch and draw me close, and we'd nuzzle contentedly.  Eventually Rosalie and Emmett would wander in, taking a casual moment for themselves, and we'd all roundly abuse Alice for being such a Nazi. 


This common occurrence changed one day during a particularly vehement Alice bashing session, when Jasper suddenly floated in.  Out of respect for Jasper's relational situation with Alice, we all quieted.  Jasper sat hunched on the arm of the couch for a few moments staring out the front windows.  Suddenly he ran both hands through his hair, turned to the rest of us and in a tense voice said, "She's absolutely mental, isn't she?"  The tension eased and the rest of us laughed heartily.  I had tears streaming down my face and after a couple of breaths I sat up and said, "Nothing could be worse than this, and it's supposed to be the best day of my life."  Everyone gave into laughter again, even Rosalie.


Suddenly a very familiar musical voice called loudly from the top of the steps.  "Why are you all sitting?" 


Everyone jumped up, like a group of children caught doing something out of line.  "Emmett, Rosalie…I need the exact dimensions of the yard for the tent.  Edward, Bella, please check the samples in my bedroom and chose which fabric you want covering the tables.  Jasper…….." she whined.  Everyone went running off in the different directions required, and I suddenly wondered if I hadn't made a mistake giving the job of planning my wedding to my over-enthusiastic soon-to-be sister.


After that day, instead of sitting around where we could be caught by Alice the wedding warrior, we would stroll off around the house.  Edward had been cornered by Alice to help her check the roof for the best way to hang the lights.  "Lights?" I had asked wondering why they were needed for a wedding.   Alice had given me that trust me, I know what I'm doing Bella look.  Having no choice in the matter, I'd shrugged and let her take him. 


I finished tallying the R.S.V.P.'s we'd received that week, like a dutiful sister, and then went out to the river to see if I could find Edward.  As I stepped out from the back of the house, I smiled at the view of the river.  As I took a step forward something fell to the ground before me.  It was a small twig.  I turned around and looked up, and there was Edward.  He smiled, and then his expression fell into a frown.  He stilled as if listening to something, then rolled his eyes at me significantly.  He hunched his shoulders and walked away like a martyr.


I laughed and turned back towards the river.  I walked along upriver, smiling; it was a decent day for Forks, no rain.  It was still very overcast naturally, but wasn't as cold as it so often was.  I stepped down near the water and was tossing small rocks into the river when a voice said hello from behind me, startling me so much I nearly toppled in.  Two cool hands grabbed my waist just in time and pulled me back, gently.  I heard a chuckle and knew immediately it wasn't Edward.  I stood up, and turning around found it was Jasper.  He was smiling widely, infectiously.


"Sorry Bella, I didn't mean to startle you."


I grinned, "It's okay.  Escaped Alice have you?"  I asked. 


Jasper laughed aloud, "Embarrassingly often lately it seems." He replied.


"I thought I'd walk up to the bridge and come back on the other side." I said, by way of suggestion.   Jasper smiled kindly and said, "That sounds nice, mind if I come along?"  I shook my head and turned, Jasper stepped next to me.


We walked along talking about the wedding, laughing about Alice, and agreeing that Emmett and Rosalie might need another honeymoon after my wedding just to escape Alice.  Somehow we ended up at the conversation we usually ended up having when I was speaking with Jasper alone.  It would begin benignly enough, but it would always end up with his apologizing for his lack of control on my 18th birthday.  We'd reached an area just on the other side of the river from the house when it started.


I stopped walking, "Jasper!" I said, exasperated, "how many times have I told you, I don't blame you one bit.  I've never held that against you.  This family is my family now and I love them all, and that includes you Jasper.  Subject closed," he opened his mouth to protest and I covered it with my hand before I really thought about how difficult that might be for him.  Once I did, I dropped my hand again. "No Jasper, I won't allow this, I'm marrying Edward…very soon, and the only wedding present I'll accept from you is your forgiveness." His eyes sprang open and I knew he was about to try to argue again, so I went on, "your forgiveness for yourself."  He looked down in dismay.  I pushed him further, "Promise me this Jasper.  I know it will be hard, but I believe in you, and I know you'll never put me in danger again.  Leaking fluids or not." 


Jasper chuckled good-naturedly at my foolish joke, and seemed about to answer me when his head suddenly whipped to the right.  He reached his hand out and put it on my upper arm, as though he might push me behind himself for protection.  He moved one or two steps forward towards the encroaching forest, and sunk down in a crouch.  He was obviously on alert for something, and I began to feel nervous, wondering if I should run back to the house.  Just as I had reached the conclusion that it might be a good time to go find Edward Jasper relaxed. 



"I'm feeling really strong fear and anxiety from that direction.  He pointed into the tree line before us.  "I think someone might be lost or stuck.  There's something familiar about whoever it is too."  Jasper began to move into the trees.


Thinking it might be a kid from town, I followed him.  He looked back at me, "I don't know that it's safe for you Bella."  I frowned at him.  "Run Jasper, if it's dangerous you'll be there ahead of me, just warn me.  I'm much slower than you are."  He smiled and nodded, then disappeared into the trees. 


I knew I should run back and get Edward, but I wanted to make sure the kid or whoever was lost, was safe.  Being found by a vampire might not be that reassuring to anyone except me.  I stepped cautiously, listening for any sign from Jasper that I needed to run away. 


I realized after several feet into the forest that this was probably a mistake.  I wasn't a decent runner at any time, and fear and flight combined with Bella might be a disastrous mix.  Still I felt compelled to continue forward.  I knew Edward would be furious with me, but the closer to our wedding we got; the easier it was for me to sway him to my opinion.


I began to hear whimpering sounds.  They weren't loud or frightening sounds, just the sound of someone unable to speak, as though gagged.  I felt certain Jasper had caught up to the child and the kid was likely scared stiff.  I hurried to reach them more quickly to help Jasper.


As I pushed past several low hanging branches I saw Jasper's back.  I couldn't see past him so I stepped sideways to go around him.  I looked at Jasper's face as I passed him and saw that he was surprised, and looking back and forth in confusion.  Looking forward to see what he'd found, I was struck by confusion as well. 


There tied to a tree was Seth Clearwater. His eyes were huge and he was gagged.  Despite his gag he was trying desperately to scream, his eyes and head jerking in all directions earnestly trying to convey something.  He looked scared, angry and concerned all at once.  It created a riot of expression on his face. 


Recovering from my initial surprise I stepped forward I moved to remove the gag from Seth's face.  "Seth who did this?  Why didn't you just change and break the bonds?  You could easily have broken away from this, you're plenty –"  I had no sooner removed the gag from his mouth than Seth was screaming in my face.


"BELLA!  GET OUT OF HERE!  BOTH OF YOU, RUN!  IT'S A TRAP!  There were others, they tied me up, they tricked me and they've been waiting, you're the two they were hoping for, PLEASE, "He shot Jasper a pleading look, " get her out of here." 


I was trying to get Seth's attention, he was shouting and talking so fast I wasn't really sure what he was saying.  I was trying to calm Seth with my hands on his shoulders, looking at Jasper trying to will him to understand I wanted him to use his abilities to soothe Seth, when Jasper tensed, reaching out to quiet me with his hand that I heard something that made all the blood in my body run as cold as Edward's hands.


"Oh but this is wonderful.  The very two I had hoped for, but not dared to dream of finding together."  I turned with dread, in order to confirm what I already knew but didn't want to believe. Jasper was to my left as I came around, and he was crouched completely to the ground.  Edward was going to be furious, and I was probably going to be dead.


It was Aro.

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=o Aro?! Didnt see that one coming! ;]
Haha! I love Alice in this, the way she is bossing everyone around! Go Alice!!!

Update soon!! Please!! =]

You posted it! Does this mean your computer has arrived? =P

You posted it! Does this mean your computer has arrived? =P

No such luck. Soon-to-be-Ex-husband is being a real jerk about the comp and won't send it. Am taking evasive action. I ran to Kinko's to post that stuff, and have obtained a membership to the local library so I can spend time there writing. Hopefully that'll work. He's such a pain in the !@#$%^&*!!!!
I will write more as soon as I'm able.

I'll send anything new I create. :) You know it.

I'm so sorry I can't yak on IM anymore, it's really pissing me off. If you get MSN instant messenger, I can use that.
Talk to you soon, miss our chattin' :)

WOW! Your writing is wonderful and this chapter is --- well I've got goosebumps!

Thank you. :) I am enjoying writing this story so much. It completely got away from me, but I don't care. I'm letting it run wild and free. XD

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